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Book Reports

Mar 17

A Chilly Morning

A chilly morning down here in St. Pete must mean many of you are freezing your **** off up North. Don't worry. global warming is coming...Things pretty slow down here. I'm down to one yellow VW convertible thank goodness. Really didn't want to become a collector! My '74 which I purchased a few weeks ago was restored a year ago from top to bottom and I am really having fun running errands around town. Custom A/C doesn't suck down the power like the original did...what a treat...

Looking for a few New England gigs, first 2 weeks of July. I am booked at CHANS, in Woonsockett, RI. Chans is a cool gig with great food and has been booking Jazz forever. I will be sharing the bill with New England Legend, Ken Lyon. I first met him back in the 60's, he was about as great a 'Blues Guy' as I'd ever heard or seen back then. I remember when he won a contest at The Albee Theater that gave him a showcase at the Newport Folk Festival in 1968 or 69. Pretty exciting times for all of us back then. Kenny was an inspiration and I am really excited about seeing and hearing him again. Summer in the North East is really something I am looking forward to.

Next week is the SUWANNEE SPRING FEST up in Live Oak, Florida. First weekend in 'The Bus', should be fun. Geremia, Jorma, Guy Clark and lots of other Pals will be there for the 10th anniversary. I have thankfully been there every year!

Still waiting for a copy of Jorma's new cd. Vanessa played my song for me over the telephone and that was quite a thrill, may he sell a million! Can't wait to get back to The Ranch and spend some time with the Kaukonen's and all the rest of the gang. I will be there 3 weekends this year, how lucky am I....'Thats all folks'


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