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Book Reports

Feb 12

All Well on the Home Front

All well on the home front...Paul Geremia was down for a short visit, always great to see my old pal, we go back to 1966! He Had a few nice shows in the area and is excited about his new album, which will be released in March, on REDHOUSE.

The ORLANDO VINTAGE GUITAR SHOW was a few weeks ago and was very cool. Great to see all my "Dealer" friends from around the country. Morty hosted a fine show with dealers from all over the country and overseas. I finally traded my 1928 style #1 National for a 1932 L00 and a pile of cash! The Gibson has the smallest sunburst that I have ever seen, an elevated fingerboard, is in very nice condition and plays and sounds great! Will be taking the new (70 year old) Gibson out for the next few gigs down here in Florida to give it a road test.

My surprise 60th Birthday Party was the social event of the season.(3 months after my birthday) Nancy had rounded up about 80 people, rented a hall, and prepared lots of the food with help from sisters Maureen and Barbara. Local Blues Cats entertained, thanks to all of them including OB, DW and Vidar Busk who stayed in the US a few extra days for the party. Great to see so many old friends and musicians. Told Nancy it was the greatest but please don't do it for my 70th!

Here's some news.....Homespun will have BLUES BY THE BOOK vol. 1 & 2 available on DVD by the end of April...order direct from THE BOOKSTORE...and HAL LEONARD will have BOOK'S BLUES BOOK out in April as well. Word has it that they were very excited about this cd/book project.

Florida Festival season is gearing up and I am proud to be a part of 4 of these events this Spring. Just added STRING BREAK FESTIVAL, for details visit itinerary page. The West Coast tour is shaping up as well. Waiting to hear from New Mexico and Arizona venues before we can really start to relax again....It's never easy to book the cross country run...

Looking forward to Hot Tuna's show next week at Skipper's and Bill Morissey show at Cathrine Hickman in Gulfport.

Almost forgot to mention, The SUNCOAST BLUES SOCITY sponsored a sendoff party for the lucky souls who are now on the LEGENDARY BLUES CRUISE! Lots of folks from all over the country and Europe were at the event and they were ready to party! Who wouldn't be, anticipating a 7 day cruise with their favorite blues acts headed for the Carribian Islands and a shipboard Blues Fest "where everyone has a backstage pass". This cruise is the only Blues Cruise that rents the entire ship! Little Milton, Taj, Marcia Ball, lots of Bigtime acts....The Boss indicated that I might be on board for the 2005 cruise....fingers crossed...

Bye For Now