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Book Reports

Aug 09

And the Tour Continues

And, the tour continues......Got to Omaha ok and had a great gig put on by The Blues Society. What a great bunch of guys and gals in that organization! On the bill was an incredible talent, Carolyn Wonderland. Her sound check blew me away!! Heard she recently turned down an offer from Bob Dylan, to join his band! She plays electric guitar with her bare fingers, accordian, lap steel, trumpet and who know what else. She sings sort of like Janis Joplin and is one of the most natural, exciting singers I have heard in decades!! Her band was excellent and they work out of Austin. She's also a very cool songwriter! Check her out on the web!!

Hot weather continues....Played a little Texas Hold'm on a riverboat on the Missouri and had a good 2 day run before continuing East. Made it to Iowa City and got to visit my pals, Catfish Kieth and his wife Penny. He had a gig that night and it was great! Penny is the greatest 'sound person' in the biz! And Catfish is one of the most unique Blues talents on the scene today. He plays a baritone National tri-cone, a National 12 string tri-cone and a little wood body parlor size guitar. The sounds he 'tweaks' out of those instruments will blow your mind.....check him out too!

At his gig, I met David Flamming, who is a luthier. He makes great guitars in the tradition of pre-war Gibsons. Both Greg Brown and Iris Dement are now playing small body guitars he built. Beautiful instruments that sound as good as they look! Check him out as well!

My next gig, in Burlington, Iowa was very cool. The Blue Stop was an old venue in the historic downtown area 3 blocks off the Mississippi River. These old Riverfront towns in the Mid-West are unbelievably beautiful. The architecture is amazing. I got to relax, parked by the river before the show which was a huge success. Nice folks, make a good audience. I enjoyed hanging out with them. Also got to meet Catfish Kith's Dad who was quite a cool character!

Had to race East after the gig. Accross the river and into Indianna, I sped down the highway for about 3 hours before calling it a night, 'camping out' at a truckstop. Boy was I whipped. Wish Nancy was with me, could have used my 'best driver' on this one! Slept for 6 hours and continued on. I called my next gig, to let them know I was close, and arrived in Culver Indianna at 2pm, just in time to to put on my long trousers, a shirt and hit the stage! Phew....Did an hour and a half show there and finally got to relax over a very good dinner by the edge of a the huge lake that the town is famous for. The other local attraction was The Culver Acadamy, which is a fancy prep school for the 'rich & famous'. Probably the reason that there are 3 four star resturants in town! The gig was put on by Jeff Kenney and the Culver Library. Jeff, was the film maker who did a project with Paul Geremia and was working on me when he had to quit. He will be sending Preston, my current film maker some cool footage which will end up in THE ROY BOOK BINDER STORY.

Things are now slowed down, thank goodness. Going to visit friends in Buffallo NY and then ease down to the City for the BB Kings show with James Cotton and for the Nephews wedding. Will be good to visit with Mom and the extended family and of course see Nancy who will be flying up for the festivities.

"That's All Folks" Untill next time,

By For Now,

"The Book"