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Book Reports

Apr 05

April 5, 2006

PEG LEG re-issues 2 classic cds! POLK CITY RAMBLE (featuring the hit, The Ballad of Amazing Grace & Sideshow Dan) and THE TAMPA SESSIONS. These cds are again available and in stock.......

Just back from the East Coast tour. Had a great time at Lake Worth's BAMBOO ROOM, a good crowd, and a fun show. Great to see old friends, family and new fans too! Weather is great this time of year down here in Florida.

The surprise gig was THE MAIN STREET CAFE, in Homestead! It's a beautiful room, with great food and the sound was perfect. Laurie & Scott made us feel at home and we look forward to returning every March. They had a great line up of entertainment coming as did the BAMBOO ROOM. Do support your local music rooms....

Well, that's the end of "Spring Training" for me and I'm ready for "The Big Show". Will be heading North in a few weeks and as always it is an exciting time, getting ready for the "Long Tour".

So....we'll be looking for you at the shows this Spring and Summer. I'm sure your all glad that Wnter is behind us. It was another fine Winter in Florida, we enjoyed the time home, but it's time to go....

Bye Now

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