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Book Reports

Aug 12

August 12, 2006

The drive to Port Townsand Washington was more "eye candy"....The Camp takes place on the Olympia peninsula at the old army base that An Officer & A Gentleman was filmed at. Blues Week at The Centrum was really great!

So nice to see and hear so many old pals. Among the staff members were, Cephus & Wiggens, John Miller, Ann Rabson, Maria Muldaur, Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan, Louisianna Red, Robert Belfaur and Rich Del Grosso . At the opening concert, we all got to do one tune and talk about what we were going to teach.

My classes went well and were well attended by a core group of about 16. My afternoon classes were looser and we had some of the teenagers show up to learn a few tunes. So cool to see young people so enthusiastic about learning some old tried and true guitar tricks...Old John Jackson was there in Spirit and I could feel his presence....

"The Weenie Campbell" gang was there in force and some fine pickers and cool guys and gals they were. Do check out there website, A more enthusiastic gang of country blues fanatics, you will never find. Old Stella guitars were everywhere and when I walked in their house, I thought I had gone back in time. Never had I seen a guitar player with a tin jug and a kazoo in a rack! They also cooked and partied every night....What a time...

The weekend festival was also great. I caught Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan at a club in town that was packed....great show. Maria Muldaur also had a packed house and was brilliant as always.

Saturday, I opened up the big show in a dirigible hanger and it was packed, looked like a thousand people. What a great audience, they went wild for my stories and songs and my set was over before I knew it.

The weather was great all week. Nights were actually cold...What a time was had by all. I hope they ask me back next year.

Took a ferry to Seatle and had a nice day in town when it was all over. My guitar workshop at Dusty Strings went well and I camped out in town before heading back on the ferry the next day.

Decided to take another ferry to Vancouver Island where I entered Canada without to much of a hassle. I did ship 60 lbs. of cds and dvds to Illinois rather than taking them across the border. Customs has been known to not make it easy to bring product over. It is actually tougher for US Citizens to work in Canada than any European county!

Victoria was beautiful. Got some British pounds I had, converted to Canadian dollars and was ready to start the next adventure. After a restful night with all the anxieties of the border crossing behind me, I boarded another ferry for Vancouver. Picked up the local paper and there I was in living color with a full page interview! Lucky the border guards didn't see the entertainment page!

Found a campground in BC and luckily it was a 5 minute walk to the Sky Link train which I took to My pals Gary and Valdina's home, 20 minutes away. With guitar and cds in hand, it was a comfort to know that I wouldn't have to worry about parking "the bus" in town. Gary first booked me at The Vancouver Folk Festival in 1978.

Had a nice barbeque with friends before heading to Rime, the club I was to perform at. Parking would have been impossible, I noticed. Sound check was tough as the place was packed and everyone was eating dinner. I had my doubts, but as soon as I hit into Rag Mama, you could have heard a pin drop! The audience was fantastic, I was really 'on' and it was a most enjoyable night. Some old fans and friends and lot of new ones. As the show wound down I asked if anyone was heading to a ride back to 'the bus' with a nice couple and that was a great way to finish up the day. Amen...

Hopefully I will be able to play a bunch of Canadian Festivals next July. I would love for Nancy to do a cross Canadian tour with me on her next Summer vacation.

"That's All Folks", untill next time...

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