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Book Reports

Aug 29

August 29, 2005

The Deertrees gig was unbelievable! Had a nice size crowd and they went wild....sound was perfect and I was really on. Rudey Vallie was on this stage 65 years before me ! I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did! The acoustics were great. I really felt as if I had gone back in time....

And I forgot to tell you 'bout the BB Kings date in NYC....It was another highlight of the tour! Times Square! The club was beautiful...1000 seats at tables and booths. We had about 600. Had a real nice dressing room with a bottle of Irish whiskey and snacks waiting for me! And my name was on the dressing room....nice, I could get used to it... James Cotton's crowd was very receptive to my show. I grabbed'm with the first song and didn't let go untill it was time to leave the stage. It couldn't have gone better and I expect to be invited back in the Spring.

James Cotton did a fine set, hadn't seen or heard him for years. I still remember seeing him with Muddy Waters back in 1966 at Newport. That was a great festival. I will never forget Muddy comming out on the main stage with an acoustic guitar to get Son started (he was a little loaded). "I'm gonna help out the old man" he the enthusiastic crowd!

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Here I am in Maine! And it's been a long time since I have been here. Good lobster...Had a nice 'workshop' at the Deertrees Theater and have a concert there tonight. The theater is a wood structure built way back in the early part of the last century. They say Tullula Bankhart appeared there years ago! Lots of theatrical productions have been presented at Deertrees over the years. The weather has been rainy and humid and I like it fine. It reminds me of the many wet weeks I spent at Camp Med-O-Lark as a counselor back in the 60's. It's always so cool when one of my 'campers' show up at a gig....and it happens quite often!

Had a nice show at The Vanilla Bean down in connecticut last weekend too. What a cool place that is. The best food too....and before that was 'the Nephews' wedding! That was a great time. Adam and Seema are now in Hawaii on their honeymoon. Got to see the extended family for the first time in years. I have dozens of cousens, who now have dozens of childrern and dozens of grand children as well. What a day it was for all of us! My Mom had the best time of all!

Nancy is doing well at school and is enjoying her 'little rascals'. She flew up to NY for the wedding and it was great to be together again. We will next get together in the Mid-West sometime around my Birthday.

Starting to book up 2006 and it looks like it will be another great year. The only overseas tour will be Italy in February. I decided to pass on the UK tour in June and concentrate on another cross country run. We had such a fantastic time this Summer that we are already looking forward to doing it again!

Will be heading South tonight after the gig. My Union Grove, NC show is sold out and another day was added, check itinerary page for details. I am more than ready for Fall weather and to wearing a jacket again! What a hot Summer it was, everywhere. Boy, that was some hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast yesterday. We have been so lucky down in St. Petersburg...

I will have the 1946 00021 Martin guitar and my 1992 Advanced Jumbo (like Jorma's) for sale at the FPR in Sept. The Martin just had a neck re-set and is in excellent condition as I said in last report. It has a beautiful Brazillian rosewood body and an ebony bridge and fingerboard. Contact me for prices if interested.

Thats it for now, have to run into the laundromat and take care of that....

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