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Book Reports

Aug 04

August Already

Time keeps flying we are in August already! Back home in Old St. Pete, it's hot and muggy with lots of rain & thunderstorms...ah, the tropics....

West coast was great...what a drive up from The Bay area to Eugene Oregon...The drive along the Pacific is just breathtaking! We zipped by Portland, without a show which was to bad, but that's the way it goes sometimes. Eastward bound at last, we followed the Columbia River which is always an eyefull....lots of 'windmills' which are an encouraging look into the future...

From Spokane we headed North to Sand Point Idaho, very cool, a new stop for us. Camped on the lake we were a few blocks to the charming downtown and to the Pandida Theater where our show was. Nice cover story in the local entertainment magazine and a more than ok show at the theater.

Heading out to Hot Springs Monatana, we winded our way South with breathtaking views of streams and rivers and mountain passes. Great folks in Hot Springs, and great hot springs at the hotel which were kind of expected...The July 4th show in the town park was great. Kevin Van Dort, was a cool blues guy who went on before me...and we enjoyed his set.

We took off after the show and headed towards Bozeman, where we visited with our old Florida pal Dave Goodwin & Chris Grey,before starting East. Thanks to them for helping with bookings on the tour....

Ten days of steady driving got us to The Ashoken Center in Olive Branch, NY where we settled in to teach guitar for 4 days. Had a great time there with fellow instructors, Happy Traum, Russ Barenberg, Matt Munisteri, Jay Unger & Molly Mason and Andy Van Norstrand. Among the students were some fine players, singers and songwriters. It was a hot week, but Nancy and I had 'The Bus' plugged in and we had the A/C going fulltime!

So.....we then visited with our pals Bill & Alex Frankel in Woodstock for a few days before heading up to Mohigan Sun Casino for a day of penny slots and camping out on the river, which is always a good time.

we luckily got the bus on the morning ferry to Long Island which was packed! It's a great 75 minute ride to Orient Point and it eliminates all that I-95 traffic...definatley the way to go...

Had a nice visit with my Mom, who is just amazing at 97 years old. Nancy even gave her a few pointers to sharpen up her computer skills!! Dinner with Brother Mike & Ni, and back to Bill and Beth's in NJ where we left 'the bus'.

So like I said, we are back in Old St. Pete and it ain't bad....I will head North in a week or so for the 50th anniversary of the Philadelphia Folk Festival which should be one of the highlights of the season. I first played there almost 40 years ago!

Hope to see you on the road....visit my facebook page to stay informed, I update on FB every day....

Bye For Now