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Book Reports

Feb 24

Back From our Tour of South Florida

Just back from our tour of South Florida. Had a great crowd at THE BAMBOO ROOM in Lake Worth. This club gets better and better. They just celebrated their 5th anniversary. Got to use my new 1932 Gibson LOO on stage for the first time and it was a dream to play and it sounded great! Somthing about those little old Gibsons....too bad they are getting hard to find. The weather was great, and we camped out around Lake Okeechobee on the way down. Real nice to be on the road again.

On the way South to Homestead, we visited with friends at Kummer's Vintage instruments. Had a super lunch and played some cool guitars. Need a vintage instrument in South Florida, visit

The festival in Homestead was cool, I did an hour set closing the Saturday night event and was well received. One old fellow with a real old vintage case, asked if I wanted to take a look at his Daddy's guitar. I had a hunch it was going to be somthing special, but to my surprise it was a 1931 OM-45! One of 40 made before WWII !! Fingerpickers call it the holy grail of the Martin catalog...It was for sale, but the price was over $100,000. A little bit out of my range....nice to see though!

Back home, the Western tour is shaping up slowly. Still not definate if we will do Arizona and head into LA, or head North from Oklahoma into Colorado and arrive into California thru Reno into the Bay area....waiting for the tour to develop on its own. First gigs to confirm will point our direction. Kind of fun to see which way it will go.

Still have another month or two down in Florida....the weather is warming up nice and I have some good 'in state' gigs and festivals to look forward to.

Before long it will be Springtime, my Homespun videos will be available on DVD, BOOK'S BLUES BOOK will finaly be out, and we will be at MERLEFEST....where does the time go? ....Hope to see some of you out there on the road...

By For Now, Roy