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Book Reports

Apr 09

Back From OUr Trip

Back from our trip....Nancy and I got to NY in time to say our good-byes to "Papa Sid"...He passed with 26 of his children grand-children and wife of 40 years by his side in his own home...It was a very touching, peaceful and beautiful send off for a loving man at 91 years of age. One more time, "Papa" brought his family together and we all became even closer sharing this moment. He was an amazing man. And we all became better people for having him. I loved it when my Mom said,"I was Cinderella for 40 years"....

Well, "Spring Training" is over and I am now preparing for the "departure day" of the big tour. New CD should arrive next week before I take off for MERLEFEST. Just confirmed Las Vegas gig and workshop for July 4th weekend and The Cafe Fantastique up in Worcester Mass. for later this Fall. It looks like this will be the best and biggest tour of my career! Thanks to all those who helped find gigs along the way. It is so cool that fans and friends really had a hand in booking the tour! "You got to love this country".

Nancy has about 30 more days of teaching and I am so proud of her as she finishes up her first semester. I have enjoyed hearing about her "little rascals" ups and downs over the year. It is so great that she has 'changed her life' and found a such a satisfying meaningful career.

That's about it for today. Be happy, enjoy the day and keep smilling. The time will pass anyway, you might as well enjoy the ride.....

by now,

'The Book'