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Book Reports

Aug 25

Back in the USA

Back in the U.S.of A. and glad to be here! The drive from Vancouver to Banf was unbelievable. The Canadian Rockies are truly amazing...I only wished that Nancy was with me on that leg of the journey. I camped out high in the mountains and headed down the hill to Calgary the next afternoon.

Got camped on the East side of town and my pal Alex, from Port Townsand picked me up and we met his "mates" for drinks in town. Met Tim Williams there. He is a popular and well known Canadian Blues Cat who has been around for years and we enjoyed talkin' about the rest of our blues playin' pals...Tim said he would gladly help organize the next Summer Cross Canadian tour....

Off for an "East" Indian meal, rather than an Aboriginal meal....we stuffed ourselves on a very good meal, all eating too much....'good though'. I had a very nice time meeting all of Alex's friends and sharing some good food and drink.

Got back to camp around midnight and got a well needed rest. Up and at'm.....began the long endless drive thru the prairies...seemed like it would never end but finally I got to Winnipeg 3 days later and started South to the USA. Worried about where I would sleep, I was delighted to see the first Flyin J Truckstop in weeks, right outside of Winnipeg!

No hassles at the border, I entered into the Eastern end of North Dakota not too far from Minisotta.....

Now camped in Bativa, IL. in my host family's backyard. Fly home tomorrow for a week and then back for the Fox Valley Storytellin & Folk Festival which is right near where I am camped.

Bye For Now.

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