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Book Reports

Jul 03

Coming From New Mexico

This is coming to you from New Mexico! What a great trip this has been. After Cleveland, we headed West to Pawalke Wisc. for a private party which was so cool. Our hosts had 60 friends over for a catered barbecue dinner before the show. A professional sound system was provided and the audience could not have had a better too.

After a driveway 'camp out' we travelled south, to a state park on the shores of Lake Erie, an hour North of Chicago. Lots of lakefront property up here! Charlie's Coffee House was next, a cool little bistro in Wilmette, IL. The little club was sold out for 2 nights and Bob would like me back twice next year if I can work it into my schedule! He was fun to visit with and Ed Holstein was good enough to open the show.

Thirty years ago, when Rev.Davis and I were in Chicago, Ed came by our 'digs' hoping for a guitar lesson from the master. Gary was asleep, so Ed asked me to teach him The Hesitation Blues. That made Ed my first student! Over the year's Ed has been a performer, a songwriter, a club owner, a bartender and a guitar teacher. Definitely an important member of the Chicago Folk/Blues scene. And quite a raconteur as well. We enjoyed reminiscing and hanging out.

On to St. Louis where we had some R&R before heading out to Shawnee KS. What a great venue we had booked there. The Mountain Music Shoppe had the best cd selection we had seen for quite a while, some fine new guitars and more Ukuleles I have ever seen in one place! On the wall was an old Kay Kraft arch-top that was beautiful, not a great sounding guitar but a real piece of Americana for sure. It was featured in ACOUSTIC GUITAR MAGAZINE and had the framed article on display next to it. Everyone in the shop couldn't believe it when I broke out my Kay Kraft Flat Top for the sound-check!

This was another show sold out before I got there. I couldn't have been more pleased with the entire event. Great folks at the shoppe. And they want me back every year as well.....

Not a bad drive to Oklahoma City where we met up with Nancy's Brother, his Wife and his Grand daughter and her Mom. Sort of an annual Family Reunion. We had a fun visit and another great gig. The Blue Door is an institution in OK City. Everyone has played there over the years and they have been there forever. I love that place.

Good-byes said after caravaning Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, we went our way, North and the relatives headed West to Arizona. We are now up high in the mountains and well needed rain is falling. Nice to get out of the heat for sure.

Looking forward to visiting with friends in Colorado next and to our two gigs there. We are turning in, Nancy says,"hi to all".

Bye Now

The Book and Mrs.Book