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Book Reports

Feb 15

Feb 15, 2008

I sure have been enjoying my Winter at home in 'Old St.Pete'. Great to hang out with 'The Wife' and all the local characters down here. Been busy booking up the season and it's starting to look good. I will be doing a short tour of Western Canada in early September, with dates in Calgary, Edmonton and Penticton BC .

There is also talk about a short tour of Ireland and the UK in early September, but that has not been confirmed at this time. Keep an eye on the Itinerary page.

Tomorrow night will be my first gig of the year, in Lakeland Florida, for the Friends of Joe Prine, concert Series. I have only a few "Spring Training Gigs" this year and I'm really looking forward them. I do miss being on the stage.

The cross country tour is looking good. Recent bookings include, Santa Monica, San Diego, Los Angeles and Tiberon in California. Swallowhill has confirmed in Denver, and we will be spending the July 4th weekend in Winnemucca, NV. Heard there is a large Basque population there, great food!

Been playing and enjoying my old Gibson guitars. Especially the Nick Lucas Specials.( 1932 & 1936) But I will most likely take the 1931 SS Stewart on the road this Spring. There is something very magical about that guitar!

Not much else to tell you, still got my eyes out for a replacement for "The Bus", but I am prepared to take it across the country one more time if a low milage 2003-2004 Xplorer doesn't turn up.

Bye For Now,

"The Book"