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Book Reports

Jun 17

Finished Up In NY

Finished up in NY about a week ago. Had a big time at BB King's....Honeyboy Edwards and Robert Lockwood were really surprised to see me....They did a great show to a crowd of about 6-700. Robert was especially amazing with Gene Schwartz on bass. Gene has played with Lockwood for almost 30 years! The crowd seemed to be in shock when they opened with a sophisticated Jazz instrumental...and then slipped right into Robert Johnson's Steady Rollin' Man...

Honeyboy always remembers me as the guy who plays Willie Brown's Mississippi Blues...he was there in 1941 when Alan Lomax recorded the two of them on the plantation! It was a great night for all.

We had an uneventual drive out of the city, across NJ and PA. I-80 was a lot better road than I remembered. Lots of trees and mountains as we headed West. Had a few 'camp outs' at Flying J Truck stops. Gas prices getting better too. Best price was $2.67 on the Ohio Border. Who would have ever thought we would be glad to see that price!

My gig in Cleveland at Night Town, was well attended and I was thrilled when Robert Lockwood showed up and joined Nancy and our pals at the special guests table. After the show we had a good time swapping stories and having some good laughs. He insists that I have to get an electric/acoustic guitar so the people can hear exactly how good I am! Robert drove off into the night as we all headed out at around midnight. At 92, he is absolutely amazing...

The next day, we were invited to The Lockwood residence for an early dinner. Robert fried up the catfish and it was terrific. Ms.Mary had a bunch of relatives coming and going and it was just a pleasure for Nancy and I to spend the afternoon with them both.

The house is filled with photos, posters and awards. His Honorary Doctorates from Cleavland's Universities are prominently displayed and he is especially proud of them as he should be. I was pleasantly surprised to see a picture of me with Robert alongside his other photos of family and friends.

Today we will just relax in our friends driveway, and start getting things together for a Monday departure to points West. Life is good and we look forward to seeing some of you on this Summer tour.

Bye For Now

The Book & Mrs.Book