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Book Reports

Oct 28

Finished up the Mid-West tour

Finished up the Mid-West tour...pretty good time if I must say so myself! Good times in Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio. Enjoyed the gig with David Jacobs-Strain in Lansing, he's quite a picker! Had a good workshop at Elderly Instruments where I was blown away by a hand made Weber carved top guitar with F holes! Will this be the future?? Sounded different but terrific...

Great tribute to The Rev.Gary Davis at the Fur Peace Ranch last weekend. Ernie and Jorma were in rare form and the students were eager and capable. The weather was wet and cold, but we had quite a time. Drove thru some snow in West Virginia on my way East as 'the bus' odometer reached 100,000 miles! Funny, I still refer to it as the 'new bus'. No complaints with Dodge Trucks. The Xplorer 230 has been the best vehicle I have ever had. I figure in a year or 2 I will have to go diesel. From what I hear, the 2007 Dodge/Mercedes will be re-designed and 6" wider which will make it more friendly for the motorhome converters.

Visiting the Mom and family for a few days and then flying South to visit Nancy and my Florida Family. Will be nice to get home, it's been almost 6 months! Amazing how quickly time goes by.

Lookin' forward to the North East tour in November as the season winds down. It has been the best year on the road so far! Lots of great times, lots of shows, lots of miles...Already starting to book dates for the 2006 cross country tour. Might make it out to Port Townsand Blues Week in early August. I have not taught there for 10 years and I do hope it works out. It is such a beautiful part of the country, I love the North West.

Got my 1946, 00021 Martin's neck reset and it plays and sounds real good. If anyone is interested, I can carry it on the N.E.tour. Price $6500.(negotiable) and I will consider partial trades....especially interested in Gibson LOO style guitars from the 30's.

Well, 'that's all folks'...until next time....

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