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Book Reports

Mar 16

Winter is Over

Hey Guys & Gals,
Winters over, The baseball players are all in town, I've dug my last hole, planted my last palm tree, trimmed my last bushes and it's time to get ready for the road....

My old pal, Paul Geremia just headed out a few days ago. He had a nice tour of Florida, with great weather and well attended shows. Always a treat to have him visit. In about a month, I will be following him North. First stop being MERLEFEST.

Nancy and I have enjoyed getting the house tweaked up and we have really settled in. This is the first Spring that I remember that I have mixed feelings about the long tour ahead! But I am sure that I will get into it once it begins.

Next weekend is the SUWANNEE SPRINGFEST, which is always a great time and only 4 hours North of St. Petersburg. This will be my 16th Springfest, I believe! The Saturday after, will be my last show in Florida for the season, at FOGARTYVILLE, in Sarasota. Paul had a great gig there and I am looking forward to my turn.

Looks like we have a great season coming up! I added about 5 dates in the last 2 weeks, including Portland (ME), Fresno (CA), Santa Monica (CA), Union Grove (NC), Johnson City (TN) and Knoxville (TN).

Our trip to the UK had to be rearranged as I was asked to perform back in NJ on July 13th with JOHN HAMMOND & CHRIS SMITHER at The Black Potatoe Music Festival in Clinton, NJ. That should be a very cool Festival for sure.

If anyone was planning to be at Jorma's FUR PEACE RANCH with me and G.E.Smith this September, you better contact them....I hear the weekend is very close to being sold out!

Well,I hope to see some of you folks on the road in the months to come. Be well, Be Happy, and enjoy every day!

Bye For Now

The Book & Mrs. Book