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Book Reports

Oct 06

Great TIme in Cleveland

What a great time in Cleveland. Visited my pals who have a great driveway. We went downtown and caught Robert Lockwood and his 'Large Band' at Fat Fish Blue's on Wednesday. Robert was never so glad to see me and I liked that! We had a drink and he said I should stop by for some pointers sometime. He announced from the stage that Mr. Book Binder was in the house and I got a nice hand. Roberts band is fantastic. The keyboard player did a great rendition of Ray Charles' hit The Night Time is The Right Time...and the band cooked all night long. Robert was playing his Gibson 12 string and the tone was real fine. He never sounded better and did we have a time!

Next day my friend Terry and I stopped by The Lockwood residence for a visit. It was a fine old home, full of awards, treasures and memories. I played for Robert and he told me I should be doing better, good as I play! I told him I'm doing fine and he said that was good. Played him some of the old stuff and he said I play more like him then most.... We told stories and carried on for a few hours. I told him how glad I was to have him as a friend...and he agreed....What a great time we had.

Nancy arrived on Friday night to celebrate my 'Birthday week'. Great to see my best Wife and Friend. I will fly home for a few days at the end of the month for a visit. We had a big time camping out at Amy and Richard's driveway. The weather was cooler then Florida so Nancy was delighted. Even picked up WI-FI from the neighbors added perk to be on line! I do love this country...

Nice gig at the Kent Stage and another at Night Town in Cleveland. The last being a fundraiser for Amy's organization The S.W.I.M.E.R. Foundation, which preserves and presents traditional arts in the Cleveland area. Before the concert, there was a silent auction including an unplayed copy of my first LP, TRAVELIN' Man, a new Epiphone electric guitar and all sorts of donated gift certificates and such. Fun was had by all, and I expect that is where my next Cleveland show will be.

Before I knew it, we were headed to the airport so Nancy could get back to 'her little rascals' down in St. Pete. I am so pleased that she is happy teaching and enjoying helping the less fortunate children in our area. I couldn't be prouder...

Spent my Birthday on a Riverboat playing poker with an assortment of characters and was thankful to walk away with $12 more then my start up money after hours of "foldin' and holdin'"...Not a bad day, good parkin' lot for sleepin'...and plenty of comped meals and a birthday cake as well...

Cold front expected to bring the end to Summer tonight and I'll be glad of it. Ready to wear a sweater and jacket and see some Fall foliage already It surely was a long hot Summer.

By For Now,

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