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Book Reports

Jul 16

Greetings From California

Greetings from California. Actually we have only one more gig out here on the West coast. What a great time we have had. Beginning in San Diego, we had a nice visit with my brother Howie and his wife Sarah and then a fantastic gig. The Acoustic San Diego Concert organization did a great job promoting my first SD appearance in years and it was a huge success! Special thanks to the SD Blues Society, for their efforts also. Nice newspaper coverage the day of the gig brought in many. The concert was held in a beautiful old Spanish church and the weather was ideal.

Next was McCabes in Santa Monica. Preston Poe (my film maker) was there to document another fine show with a good turnout and unbelievable sound! Alan has been doing sound at McCabes for 35 years! On to Covina and a night at the Fret Shop. As always, They did a great job on promotion and another successful show went into "the book". For our 4th gig in a row, we did a private party (house concert) in San Louis Obispo and had a swell time there too. Thanks to our hosts Howard & Heidi. Beautiful country up where they live... Days getting warmer as we head North, nights staying cool.

Nancy finally got to do some wine tasting as we meandered further North and she had a fine time at it. I am really going to miss her when she heads home next week to start school. We then set up camp in San Jose for a few days with cable tv, swimming pool and yet another hot tub, life is good...The San Jose gig was another fun night with lots of new friends and fans as well as some long time Bookeroos and Bookerettes. And we had a fine visit with Nancy's cousins Shawn and Laurie.

Driving accross the Golden Gate bridge and arriving in Marin County is always an amazing expeience. I swear Heaven is on the north side of that bridge! First stop, Tibiron, what a town...beyond the fog bank we could see the San Francisco skyline! Great to see Eric Shoenberg again, he always says that I talked him into his first club date years ago! I'm still not sure if he looks at that as a good thing or not... He is an amazing guitarist and has a guitar shop filled with 'the real stuff'. I played some amazing instruments, a koa wood spruce top Shoenberg Soloist was one that really caught my attention. What a sound! Had a great time that evening. There are only 35 seats in Erics store. Refreshments are served between sets and the little stage was so close to the stage that I had to apologize before I began, for having Schezuan chicken in garlic sause for dinner!

Camped in Larkspur, we took the ferry to S.F. Saturday afternoon and had a big day in town. We intended to see 'pickers' Frank Fotusky and Steve Mann perform in Berkeley, but we wore ourselves out early and the last ferry back was at 7pm. They are both mighty fine pickers.

Running out of steam, and I think that pretty much gets you all up to date. So my friends, that's it for today.

"see ya in the funny papers!"

Bye For Now,

The Book & Mrs.Book