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Book Reports

May 24

Greetings From Flatlands, WV

Greetings from Flatlands, WV. Cooler weather up in the mountains. Had a great time at The Fur Peace Ranch. Good students, good food, and a good show as well! Again my "Outdoor Guitar" blew minds. No one could believe it...I again assembled it on stage and it was in tune!

Pinetop Perkins performed with Bob Margolin's band and it was a sold out show! I opened and had a ball..."Pine" is truly one of the last of the old guys, over 90. It's just him and Honeyboy that's left. So sad, but so cool...Check out the great photo Bob Margolin took of us on Photo Gallery Page.

Had a toothache Saturday but I made it through the weekend ok. Vanessa set me up with her dentist on Monday and Wednesday I had the root canal job completed...It ain't easy on the road, but it could have been worse for sure. Thank goodness I was where it could be taken care of without too much of a hassle!

Got signed up for 3 more Fur Peace Ranch Sessions in 2008...I do love that place! Patrick Sweany's new cd came out on Saturday and his Dad brought a few boxes down to the Ranch. That Boy is just check out his website.

Vanessa, Jorma and Baby Izzy are doing fine, it is so cool to watch "Mother Vanessa" in action, I think she's a natural. She has so much Love to give...I did enjoy my visit with them and of course John Hurlbut who had me spend a few nights out at his place while I dealt with the Dentist.

He had a dinner on Monday night that was amazing. Along with Deb who is now the assistant cook at The FPR, John put on quite a feast. The West African Peanut Soup was 'out of sight' as we used to say. I am so lucky to have fell in with this gang of people, I thank my lucky stars...

Heading East, looking forward to seeing Nancy who flies into NJ next Thursday. Looks like we will have a great Summer tour and we are looking forward to our time together. Also can't wait to see my Mom and the Family next week as well.

So I'll sign off for now, I'm camped out in the Mountains, digging BLUSVILLE on XM radio and just takin' it easy....


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