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Book Reports

Jul 28

Halfway Back From The West

Halfway back from the West! And what a ride it was....Over the hill from Westover NV, we could see a hundrerd miles of salt flats! ....and as we approached Salt Lake City, we passed "The Morton Salt" factory or whatever they call it! Sad to see Nancy fly home from S.L., but she did manage to "get bumped" off her flight and we had another 7 hours together! We both agreed that we enjoyed the best Summer of our lives...It's gonna take some big adjustments to being "on the road alone". Nancy did manage to get enough travel vouchers from Delta to pay for 2-3 "visits" this Fall. I look forward to them....

So I drove on thru Wyoming into Nebraska. What an amazingly beautiful country this is. The Mountains led to the high desert which carried me to to the prairies and finally to the Missouri River. I will spend a week or so in the Mid-West before starting East for "The Nephews" wedding and a few shows including the BB King's Show with James Cotton.

Adam,the Nephew had my 1992 AJ Gibson for many years (the one featured on one of my HOMESPUN DVDs). I will be carrying it on the road and plan to sell it as I got Adam a new blond J-185, which he's crazy about. I may also have a 1946 Martin 00021, excellent condition with beautiful rosewood and a slim neck. The Martin has an oversized western style pickguard that may be original and is very cool. Write if you are interested in either of these instruments. I will have them with me at The FPR in the early Fall.

Had a few fantastic cool days in Nebraska after the hottest Summer I remember. What a relief, but they say hot weather will return this weekend....What can you do....

By For Now,

"See ya in the funny papers"

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