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Book Reports

Jul 04

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! We are camped out in Winnemucca Nevada, resting up as usual! California was pretty smokey, with forest fires throughout the state! We managed to have a good time, hugging the coast, staying cool.

Always a great time, Mc Cabes in Santa Monica and The Fret Shop in Covina were great gigs with nice crowds. Cooler weather in the Bay area was a great relief and a visit at Shoenberg's Guitar Store was another highlight. Always good to see Eric and Debbie, old friends from back East who relocated a while back.

My old pal, Ramblin' Jack Elliot came to the gig with his friend Kim and it was great to have them in my audience! Jack was an early hero and influence of mine. He is no doubt one of the most unique and important "folksingers" in America!

We had a great time and talked some about me getting involved in his new "Blues" album. I do hope that it happens. Way back when, I remember my amazement when I heard him perform his versions of Candyman, Bed Bug Blues and Black Snake Moan, back when I was just starting out. Don't miss Ramblin' Jack if you get a chance!

We climbed out of the Bay area up to Reno, and then made it up to South Lake Tahoe, where we camped out for 4 days. What a time we had up there. Elevation was around 6200 feet! The lake is huge, the second deepest in the country. Beautiful sunsets behind the lake and the mountains every night were breathtaking.

We took the gondola ride at Heavenly, up to about 10,000 feet where we had lunch and enjoyed the views below. Lots of ski trails up there during the Winter. Nancy has been enjoying her vacation from school and we are having a grand time together, for sure.

The nights up at Tahoe, with temperature in the 40's were fantasic. We knew that it wouldn't be long before we were back in the desert and we loved not having to use the air conditioner.

So we made it down the mountain back to Reno, had lunch with friends and headed East through the high desert to Winnemucca where we will be doing a show tomorrow.

Next week we will be headed to Colorado through Salt Lake. Nice to see gas prices drop after leaving California where they were out of sight! It will be interesting to see what happens with that nightmare in the next few months.

So my friends that's about it for now. Bye For Now,

The Book