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Book Reports

Feb 14

Happy Valentine's Day

Cooler weather came and went...Winter in St.Pete is glorious! Nancy and I are doing good. We joined a gym! Now that I'm eligible for the "silver sneakers program it cost me nothing! I still love this country!

My gig in town here was great fun. So nice to play to a packed house, twice in one evening...I always forget how much I thrive on the live performance. It is truly a blessing to be able to do what I do! Could become an annual tradition in St. Pete.

"The Book" is now on FACEBOOK! I have a friends page and a fans page...I'm not sure where this new deal will take me, but I'm signed up and so far enjoying the ride!

Nice to hear from some old friends and from some musicians that I have always admired. I already have booked a date in Maine at a place I never had heard of, on a "friends" suggestion. Who knows what will be next in this crazy high tech century?

Busy booking up the season and it is going very well. August is the only month that is wide open at this time...hopefully some offer from the wild blue yonder will come along and take care of the blank "bingo card"...That's kind of what the calendar starts out as every season.

July has shaped up nicely for an extended stay in New England. If you see any dates that you can help fill, do contact me. Workshops and "house concerts" are always a possibility. We are definitely looking forward to a summer with no long drives through the western deserts. Ready to eat some Maine Lobsters too!

The tour will take me as far West as Oklahoma City in September and as far South as Houston in September as well. Looks like 2 shows in Alabama that month as well!

My pal Mo Kauffey is working on some dates in Ontario as I head East from Flint Michigan in October, on my way to Western NY. I did enjoy last years Canadian gigs and do look forward to driving the ROADTREK, (new bus) back to the factory where it were it was built in Kitchener, Ontario.

Been working around the house doing the kind of stuff most of you probably do all the time...and always looking forward to the next adventure...

Bye For Now,

The Book