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Book Reports

Nov 15

Here I am again!

Here I am again! Finally....Busy Fall season winding down. The "residency" at The National Storytelling Center in Jonesborough TN. was very cool. I had a cottage with cable tv available to me and I did enjoy streching out a bit. Got to watch most of the baseball play offs and have hot showers every day...though I did sleep in "the bus". It's just my way. Had an hour show to do every afternoon, and that was fun. Not my usual audience, but I managed to charm the tourists and story telling enthusiasts at every show. It was a challenge to adapt my show to a general audience that had no knowledge about the blues world and I enjoyed the heck out of it as much as they did!

Also got to a "pot luck" Ruratan gathering, where we ate a good Southern supper after we sang God Bless America and America The Beautiful and had a brief prayer. Followed by a 20 minute show by yours truly. As I introduced ELECATRICITY, and spoke about Jimmy Murphy, the President of the Ruratans announced that he knew Jimmy Murphy back in Koxville and he was a friend and a fan for many years! So, it ends up these folks were pretty hip to my hillbilly blues". Nice to be a part of another world for a week, I made some new fans and friends and was sad to head back to "the road".

Up to Morgantown, W.VA., where I had a nice gig at the Blue Moose Cafe. Pretty hilly country up that way. Camped out at Krogers 24 hour market which was the only level spot in the town! The colors of Autum were breathtaking for many weeks as I meandered North. Had a great visit with my friends from BluesBeat magazine and the Buffallo Folk Society. My concert sponsored by the Blues and the Folk Societies was a success and I did enjoy it! Other gigs heading East were good. Nice mto play Rochester again and Ithaca was a blast! I did the radio show, BOUND FOR GLORY, which has been on the air for 38 years, Phil said he had wanted to have me for many years, but I was never available... Did 3, 30 minute sets there and the joint was packed with students and profesors from Cornell University. What a time! I just about sold out of DVDs, T-shirts and cds. We just might "pave the driveway" yet!

Heading East, I stopped at TURNING STONE CASINO, where I camped out for 3 days, and had some 'bodacious' Texas Hold'm poker games. The Book held his own with the local pros and enjoyed the characters who filled up the table every night. Even made a few bucks!

Rosendale and Saratoga Springs were fine gigs. Nice crowds and familliar rooms. My 48th appearance at the Cafe Lenna was great. I always miss Lena, but her spirit is being kept alive by the fantastic staff and volunteers. Cold weather is the norm now. Summer is over for sure!

Driving South from Vermont gigs,with snow pelting my windshield, I remembered that there was a ferry from Bridgeport to Long Island. Not sure if they ran the boats in the Winter, I was surprised to see a ferry cruising into port from the CT. Turnpike. I got off the first exit I could find and made my way to the ferry terminal. The boat ride was very cool. I got to relax in 'the bus', make an esspresso, change my strings and work on my new song. It sure beat fighting traffic headed into NYC in the foul weather and it saved me a good hour as well. The ferry ride was a little over an hour long and dropped me in Port Jefferson, 20 minutes from my gig!

The concert at Berkner hall, sponsored by the BNL Music Club and The Long Island Blues Society was cool. A good time was had by all! Patrick Sweany was as brilliant as ever. Look him up on the internet..he is the best I've ever heard. Writer, player, singer, this kid is going to be a star! Also good to see and hear Michael Falzarano and Majorie . Visited with Joe and his wife Angie from the LI BLues Society for a few days after the show, they have a good driveway. Nice to hang out with them and the kids and just relax for a few days. Did a radio interview Sat. night for future broadcast and look forward to working ou on the Island again. Do check out their Blues Society if you live out that way, or in New England. You can always take the ferry to catch their events!

Not too many gigs left on the tour. I will be starting South after The Turning Point gig, day after Thanksgiving. Nancy flying up to be with the Family for the Turkey and before I know it, I will be home in Sunny St.Pete. To tell you the truth, I am ready for a long stretch 'at home'.

Good to see so many of you on the big tour of '04. Keep an eye on the site for next years tour. Be well, be happy and go hear live music...

By For Now,

The Book