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Book Reports

Nov 08

Here Comes Winter......

Hey Kids, Lots of miles under the bus......I'm camped out up in the North East somewhere.....All has been pretty good for the past few months.  West Coast tour was great, made it back to the Mid West by mid September and had a few cool gigs around Chicago.

Next stop was at Tony Klassen's NEW ERA GUITARS, in Indiana, where I got to see "the birthing" of The Roy Book Binder Signature model guitar!   Tony put on the first set of  D'Addario strings and the sounds we heard were unbelievable!  

The guitar is a replica of the 1930 Recording King, which Gibson made only that year for Montgomery Wards Department Store, which was a variation of Gibson's famous Nick Lucas Special.  Weighing barely 3 lbs, the same as my 1931 Gibson L2,  the guitar has the sound comparable to that of one of my old vintage models!  Unbelievable!

"The Black", made quite a splash at The Fur Peace Ranch a few days later.  Both Jorma Kaukonen and G.E.Smith were amazed at Tony's latest creation as were many of my students who had a chance to play it.  

We all had a large time at The Ranch.  Good folks, food, music  and camaraderie!  I'm booked for next October's Rev. Gary Davis Weekend with Jorma and Rory Block.  That will be a great time too, I am sure.  I would like to encourage pickers to sign up early and not to be intimidated to come on down....Don't worry that your not a good enough picker, as Rev. Davis used to say. "you will  go home with more than you had when you got here".

From "The Ranch", I headed  South, visited with my Pals in NC & TN, did some shows and then headed home  to sunny St. Pete.  Was nice to cross that border and get home.   I did enjoy hanging out at the house with Nancy, visiting with friends and taking care of some domestic stuff.

Before I knew it, the time came to load up the bus and get back on the road.  I  hated to leave Florida as the summer heat began to fade and autumn was in the air....First gig was in Syracuse!  Took my time and enjoyed the trip, 1200 more miles on the bus....

The  shows in Syracuse, Ithaca and Rochester were great.  Nice to do a show at Bernunzio's Uptown Music Store where I picked up Rev. Gary Davis's 6 String Gibson Banjo......which I had left there on consignment for a year or so.  I still plan on selling it and will consider serious offers.....

I am really enjoying "the new guitar" and got word from Tony,  he had orders for three of THE ROY BOOK BINDER, signature model this month! One was from a picker in Japan!

My sincere condolences to all that have been impacted by the terrible hurricane Sandy....and the rest of us have to remember "there but for the grace of God".  My prayers are with you all.....

Bye For Now,