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Book Reports

Dec 07

Home At Last

Home at last! Last gig was for the Tidewater Friends of Folk Music in Virginia Beach. What a great was like a 'family reunion', so many old friends and memories. I have been part of the folk scene there for 30 years! So cool that Brenda Barkley and her staff of volunteers has kept it all going. What a time....

Took off into the night and made it back to I-95 and started South after a restful night 'camped out' at a Flying J Truck stop. I do believe that I have spent more nights at Flying J truck stops then at home this year! They provide everything a camper needs and it is always a relief to settle down after a hard drive in a safe harbor on the highway of life. Motor-homes even get a gas discount! Paid $1.73 a gallon at Brunswick, GA Flying price all year!

Rolled into Florida on Monday morning with sunshine and warm breezes...nice...Nancy got home from work as I pulled into the driveway...boy howdy, it's nice to be home! And all is well at the house. Nice to unload 'the bus' and get things organized. 103,000 miles on the 'new bus'...will have to get new tires and tweak things up before the next tour. I figure another big year and I will start looking for a new diesel powered rig. Gas prices I am sure will go back up...

Got a call from Skippers Smokehouse in Tampa as I was driving thru town and was booked for a show with old pal, John Hammond for Dec. 16th. So cool when things just fall into place. Life is so good!

That about wraps things up for now. Booked some more dates for 2006 and it looks like it will be another great year. Happy Holidays to you and yours from me and mine..."see ya in the funny papers"

By For Now..."The Book"

ps.check out updates on the reviews and feature article from Norfolk. More additions to follow.