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Book Reports

Jan 23

January 23, 2009

The Holidays were great for us, hope they were for you too! We enjoyed our Caribbean cruise, what's not to enjoy? Warm ocean breezes, beaches and lots of good food...

Lazy days around the house until last week when I flew out to Palm Springs California. Jorma and John picked me up at the airport and took me to The Miracle Hot Springs Resort. Beautiful view of the San Jacinta Mountains from my room and warm sunny days in the 80's, 7 different pools with water temps over 100 and great food to boot! I love my job...

I had 5 students, Jorma had 12, and there were some fine pickers among them. For my concert spot I borrowed a very cool old 1930 Gibson HG24. Originally made as a Hawaiian guitar, it had a sound chamber built inside it, a round hole and 4 f holes. Kind of like a resonator system, it sounded great for my old timey guitar style. Thanks to Bobby & Anne for that!

Jorma did a great set, that was really inspirational! He has added new chords and licks to many of his old favorite tunes and that is making me really think about the possibilities of experimenting some. It was really a thrill to hear that he taught my FULL GO ROUND to his class at one session. Do watch for my song on his new CD, RIVER OF TIME, on REDHOUSE next month!

I Did a radio show to promote my gig at The Craftsman Gallery in St. Pete this morning. Our community radio station, WMNF, is the best and has always been very supportive to local musicians. I always have a good time doing "The Florida Show". My gig was sold out a week ago and a second show was added and now that looks like it will be sold out too! I haven't done a show in my hometown for quite a few years and I'm really quite pleased that I haven't been forgotten.

Next week it's time for a 'roadtrip' and I always look forward to the annual pilgrimage to The Orlando Vintage Guitar Show. It's a time to visit with old friends from around the country and who knows what kind of old guitars might show up? I never plan to buy anything, but you never can tell!

So my friends, I hope You all are staying warm and enjoying life to the fullest. Untill next time...

Bye For Now,