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Book Reports

Jan 25

January 25, 2005

Watchin' the snow and cold on the TV! I am one lucky 'Bluesman'...we did put the heat on for the last few nights, but it ain't bad down here in Florida!

Workin' in the studio on the new Live's goin' really well. Rusty at the FPR sent me some good quality shows he recorded. I am very pleased with this project and expect PEGleg to release it by early April. 'The Nephew' has the art work under control and all who have seen it are impressed. I am especially pleased with all the tunes that I have never had out on cd before. It looks like half of the 18 tracks will be new.

Nancy is enjoying her new career as a 'special ed teacher'. Her school is only 5 miles from the house and that is nice for her. It's quite a challenge working with these "special needs" kids, I am so proud of her...

And I am busy booking up the season and taking care of things around the homestead. The hours are good though....and I still have time to take on 1 or 2 more students. If anyone on vacation down here needs a guitar lesson, do send me an e mail and we will work it out.

Not much other news, stay warm and healthy and keep an eye on the Itinerary page....

see ya soon..."The Book"