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Book Reports

Jul 12

July 12, 2009

So sorry it€s been over a month since the last Book Report! Guess I€ve been having way to much fun. Last You all heard from me, I was camped out somewhere in NY State, getting ready to start West. The trip through PA was good, had a swell time with friends in Sate College and did a House Concert there, actually a Back Yard Concert. Weather was great and I stayed for about 3-4 days before continuing West to Ohio.

Nice visit with friends in Cleveland and a great gig at NIGHT TOWN, the coolest little jazz club in the Mid-West. Had a nice crowd there, a great meal and a heck of a good time. On to West Liberty where I did a Barn Concert sponsored by friends in Western Ohio.

Stopped off and had the new tour bus tweaked up on warranty before heading East to meet up with Nancy, who finished up another year teaching Special Ed K-1 & 2. She flew into Baltimore, the plane was three hours late, and she was really glad to finally start her Summer tour/vacation. We camped out by the Maryland shore, ate lots of crab cakes etc, and had a fine show at The Globe Theater which was pretty well packed. I hope to play there again in late November, before heading home for the Winter. The Globe is a very cool €Supper Club€. It€s really a very special place!

Great to see gas prices dropping some, paid $2.38 in NJ on our way North! Got camped at Liberty Park & Marina in Jersey City, with a view of the Statue Of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline! How cool is that€ We took the Ferry to Wall Street and made our way to €The Village€, checking out all my old haunts and Matt Umanov€s Guitar Shop, where I spent many days and hours back in the 1970€s. All of the old coffee houses I used to play are gone, but it was cool to once again walk down Bleeker and Mc Dougal Streets.

Down in the East Village on sixth street and 1st avenue we found the €mother load€ of Indian restaurants! Must have been 40 of them. We enjoyed a great meal for about $25 and then made our way back to camp, taking a short ride on the Path train. Nice to have a good nights rest before the big show at BB King€s with Phoebe Snow.

The show with Phoebe was good. Had a small crowd of my loyal followers and friends in the audience and I was glad for that! The house was packed almost with about 650 people seated! I think about 450 loved my show, but it was a challenge with 200 or so who didn€t really give me a chance...I remembered, Jazz Great, Slim Galliard always saying, €You can always tell the who are hippest people in the audience€they are the ones that don€t talk when the musician is playing.€...But I had a great time anyway, The sound was perfect and I was playing my best...I could see the faces of the people up front and they were loving it! €There€s no business like show business€€.who was it that said that?

I will continue this Book Report and try to catch up in a week or so, thanks for your patience and for supporting the shows€€

Bye For Now

The Book & Mrs. Book