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Book Reports

Jul 13

July 13, 2010

California was great! Fantastic House Concert in Cloverdale. Nice hosts, great guests, a fun time. Hope to return there next Summer.

Great to see old friend Eric Shoenberg and all his cool guitars in Tiberon. Got to play prototype of The Recording King Soloist, which Eric designed and is being built in China. For less then $800, it can't be beat! Also played a very cool 1930's top of the line Oahu, pearl inlayed 12 fret Nick Lucas style guitar. Fun show there too.

Lagunitas Brewery show was great fun. The new Beer Garden was very cool and Tony put us up in a nice motel for the weekend and it was nice to stretch out some. Nancy was more then delighted!

We then made our way East thru Sacramento to South Lake Tahoe. Beautiful drive up the mountains on route 50, avoiding Reno. Stayed at the same county campground as last time and we enjoyed the views and the cold nights as well as a few evenings of penny slot machine's at Harrah's!

After four nights, we headed East once more, towards Winnemucca, NV. We love that town! They are doing pretty good there as it is a mining town and business is good. We even met a guy who left Las Vegas to work there!

Our show at the Martin Hotel was excellent. Bill, Patty and Sarah do a nice job of keeping the concert series going, and it's been going on now for over 20 years! And the Martin serves the best food in the West! Thank You John!

Too bad we didn't have a show in Salt Lake, after the long drive but I just can't seem to connect there. So we camped out, had a swim and a night of cable tv and sure could have been worse!

The drive South on route 6 from Provo UT was fantastic. Nice to get off the interstate and cut thru the jagged mountains and mesas of the Utah desert taking us South and then East into Colorado.

We have 3 shows coming up this week and are looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones and of course getting back up on the stage!

Y'all take care and enjoy the Summer, will write again soon....

Bye For Now, The Book & Mrs.Book too