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Book Reports

Jul 21

July 21, 2004

Big news...Book's BOOK is now available! Hal Leonard did a nice job but somehow left out that the transcriptions were all done by my friend and student CLIFF BROWN, a Fur Peace Ranch Alumni! We will have a sticker with that info placed on all the books we sell as soon as possible.

Hard to believe it's now late July and we are in Wisconsin, headed for Iowa City! The tour has been unbelievable! After crossing the desert and finally getting to cooler weather in California, Nancy and I decided that we have to do this tour again next year. All the West Coast gigs were good, and we were thrilled to see the beautiful North West again. The Safeway Blues Festival in Portland was a definite highlight. The stages were backed up against The Columbia River. Many fans enjoyed the music while partying in their boats. My concert spot started with a small crowd but kept building as I 'picked & grinned for almost an hour. A standing ovation brought me back for an encore and made me feel real good! 'The Bus' was parked in front of 'Keb Mo's 45' touring coach and I did get to hang out with 'Keb for a while. Told him all about Merlefest and he just might be one of the Blues guys there in '05.

Following the Columbia River east was fantastic! Great views of mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, man-made damns, eagles, and forests. As we approached the middle part of Oregon, things flattened out some and there were many farms. Driving North into Washington State, we again climbed some mountains ending up in Spokane where we stopped at yet another Indian Casino for a 'little gaming, a buffet dinner and a free sleep.(thats how we get'm).

Big climb as we entered Idaho the next morning. One day is more breathtaking then the next! If you ever have a chance to drive accross the North West, do it....Lookout Pass led us into Montanna which is by far the most beautiful place we had seene thus far. Missoula to Butte and finally to Bozeman, the home of GIBSON GUITARS acoustic division.

We met with Don Ruffatto and master luthier Ren Ferguson at Gibson and began discussing the details of THE BOOK BINDER SPECIAL...which will be in the works soon! This limited edition guitar will be a variation of the famous 1936 NICK LUCAS SPECIAL that I have been touring with for many years. Ren took special note of the dimensions of the wide fingerboard, the V shaped neck and the various unique details of my pre war beauty. The body will be mahogany and it will be more like the 1932 version of 'The Nick'. I am very much looking forward to receiving the prototype of this special model. When available I will let you know of availability. It looks like Fuller's Guitar's in Houston will be the exlusive distributer.

More excitement in Bozeman...Met for the first time, my new pal David Lindley! We did a show together that was very cool and hope to do more gigs in the future. He is no doubt the 'Grand Daddy' of world guitar music...and what a cool guitar player...and songwriter too! We had a real nice crowd and 'boy howdey' were they delighted with the evenings entertainment.

Bozeman was surrounded by snow capped mountains and the weather was warm and delightful. We found an old Florida friend up there too and enjoyed camping out at his ranch & recording studio. It was really somthing...watching the deer and lookin' for mountain lion tails in the high grass, even though we didn't see any.

North Dakota was next...nice in the west and very cultivated as we headed accross.... nothing special to report there. Finally made it to Minnisota...

Will try to continue this epic in the next 'Book Report'

By For Now, 'The Book'