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Book Reports

Jun 18

June 18, 2011

Many months and many miles have past and I don't know where they have gone! I guess moving into the new house and all that comes with that, just wore me out.

 I am now in beutiful Petaluma, California, and it is a wonderful part of the country for sure....Just North of San Francisco, with rolling hills covered with vinyards and of course The LAGUNITAS Brewery, where I will be doing a Fathers Day Show at their Beer Garden tomorrow.

Nancy flew home from Oakland on Thursday morning to take care of some business and I headed into Berkeley for my show at the world famous FREIGHT & SALVAGE COFFEE HOUSE.

This was my first visit to the new "Freight"....."Boy Howdy" It's definatley not "Your Mama's Old Coffee House!" Folk Music must have been good to many folks......who contributed major funding along with grants and God knows what! They got themselves quite a new home.....

With over 400 seats, they, like The ARK, in Ann Arbor and the CHICAGO OLD TOWN SCHOOL OF FOLK MUSIC, have become the premier "new" Super Folk Music Venues.....and now compete with major theaters in their areas. One does wonder how many "folk singers" will work these kind of places in the future.

However, it was nice to have a secure dressing room with a Key Card, shower and lights that come on automatically, but I am glad that one can still manualy flush the toilet,.....there is a certain charm to that!

The show at the Freight was great, the staff was friendly and enthusiastic, the audience was comfortable, the sound was first rate and I loved every minute up there on the new stage....and I do look forward to returning!

Down South around Los Angeles, we had a great time at Mc Cabes, with a nice size crowd a wonderfull staff and a good parking place, we are always glad to return to this fine old establishment where I first appeared opening for DAVE VAN RONK, 40 years ago! Thank You Mc Cabes....for all the years.

Our Fret House gig in Covina was also a good time, visiting with old pals Tom & Rich who have been there forever....I Had a nice afternoon workshop and a good show with lots of old friends in the crowd.

Backing up some, we had a super time in LAS VEGAS, visiting with my "Manager" Tex Whitson and our pals Pat, Rio & Zeb...and a nice litle show which last minute was transferred from Downtown Vintage Guitars to THE ART FACTORY down the street. It was a great little venue with excellent food and a nice place to hang out in with friends after the show. Amazingy, LV afternoon temperatures were only in the 80's! We loved it.....

Still back tracking....Flagstaff, Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Oklahoma City were all good. Great weather, nice folks and good "camping".

St Louis was fantastic.....We stayed in the driveway of our pals, Bob Case (Bluesman) and his wife Francine....loved staying with them!

Friday afternoon we went to THE BLUES DELI for lunch and were surprised to see our old Florida pal Dave Herrero playing there to a packed house. We did dinner at the famous BB's Jazz & Blues joint with Francine and then Bob met us at the see my pals Pokey LaFarge & The South City 3.

The GRAMAPHONE was packed with music fans and I told Pokey & the Boys that I hadn't seen that many people in one room, standing up, to hear music, under 40 for 28 years! They are a sensation at home in St. Louis as well as all over the world! We all met last Summer at The Tonder Folk Festival in Denmark. It is so cool that these young musicians are turning a young audience on to music from back before "the war". Sort of like BOB WILLS MEETS-THE HOOSIER HOT SHOTS ?! You got to check them out!

My gig at OFF BROADWAY the next night could have used a few more in the audience, but it a was great time for all of us that were there!

So...that gets you all up to date for now. I will try to keep the Book Report more up to date.....

Bye For Now The Book & Mrs. Book too