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Book Reports

Jun 20

June 20, 2008

Great time in Overgaard, AZ with Nancy's Brother and his Wife. They work for the Forrest Service and we love hanging out with them. Nice and quiet up there in the mountains and cool too.

We all headed down to Tucson after a nice visit. As we winded down the mountains, it got hotter and hotter! Nice to swim in the hotel pool with temperatures up around 110! Amazing how we actually felt cool, getting out of the water...not for long though.

Had a nice big crowd at my gig which was in a courtyard with artist shops around it. Some of the buildings were over 150 years old. They said this was where the original settlement was! Lots of old fans from years past who had seen me at many different venues in many different states! Stefan George opened up the show. He is a fine player and songwriter from Tucson. It was good to hear him again. It was four years ago that we did our last show together.

"The Bus", had a good workout! We watched the temperature gauge rise almost to the red as we started West through miles and miles of desert and mountain passes. Got to Yuma after a long day and had a relaxing night "camping out". Of course our idea of a campground has to have Wi-Fi and cable tv, a pool and a jacuzzi!

What a relief to make it down the mountains and into San Diego! What a fabulous area this is. Days in the 70's and nights with blankets. Watched the surfers for a while, camped out on a cliff up by Cardiff of the Seas. Back in 1965 after my Navy discharge, I was out here in California dreaming of being a surfer. Didn't take too long to find out that I had the wrong color hair. So I got into folksinging...(good choice)

Tomorrow starts a 3 gig weekend and then we will make our way up the coast. The plan is to drive up the coastal highway where it will be cool. It could be 30 degrees warmer 30 miles inland!

Next weekend we will be up around San Francisco for a few gigs and we are looking forward to that. Maybe a good meal in China Town!

Next time you hear from me, we should be heading East and will most likely be in Colorado.

Bye For Now,

The Book & Mrs. Book