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Book Reports

Oct 22

Late October Already

Here we are in late October already...Had a swell time at THE FUR PEACE RANCH a week or so ago. It was The Rev.Gary Davis Tribute session. Jorma, Ernie, Stefan Grossman and Myself. Nice to hang with "Old Stefan" after so many years. He first recorded me for Kicking Mule Records back in 1967! Did that session with his 1930's OM45.....quite the guitar...long gone he says...

At the concert Saturday night, for the finale, They all played Mississippi Blues and I sang it sans guitar...pretty funny! Crowd went wild...Back in 1970 when I first got to the UK, and sang and played MS Blues,at the 100 Club in London, the fans were besides themselves as Stefan who first played the tune over there, did it as an instrumental...

Mid West tour has been good. Valparaiso, Chicago, New Liberty OH, and headed for Ann Arbor, MI on Friday. The Fall weather has been nice, the 'turning of the leaves' spectacular and "the Bus' has been running great. Still thinking of a trade in by the time Spring comes around. Had six great Seasons in this rig and may just keep it going...

Will be flying home for a short visit next week before Cleveland, Buffalo and points East tour.....Looking forward to spending some time with Nancy and getting some stuff done at home. I hear it's still pretty hot down in Florida...But it's bound to cool down some, soon.

Hard to believe that my "BIG FAT TOUR OF 2007" is winding down...It's been a really great tour and I am so thankful to all of you who made it possible.


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