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Book Reports

Jan 17

Lazy Days in Florida

Lazy days in Florida...actually been pretty busy with all the goings on here. Vidar Busk put on some great show in town and we never missed one. With fellow Norwegians."Spanky" (vocals and harp) and Alex (drums) they tore this town up! The Suncoast Blues Society sponsored the last gig at "Dave's Aqua Lounge" and it was a huge success. Kid Anderson (also Norwegian) from Charlie Musclewhite's band joined the boys on second guitar and they burned the place down! Never saw such a crowd in there. Tourists who wondered in by accident will surely be disappointed next time they do, it's usually a pretty sleepy saloon.

Got the 'tour bus' all waxed up and ready to go next Spring. Now just have to get a set of tires for the big cross country adventure. Only 105,000 miles on the 'new van'.

Starting to look forward to the trip to Italy. The organizer was kind enough to offer me his newish Gibson Nick Lucas for the gig and I am so thankful that I won't have to deal with a guitar on the plane. It can be such a hassle, that I will try to never do it again. I did purchase the Kay Kraft guitar so I wouldn't have to worry, but now I love it to much to risk a flight with it! I cannot believe what a great instrument it is. Ross Tiegen in Naples, Fl. did the neck reset and set up.

New gigs confirmed include, Shawnee, Kansas where I have never appeared before. The tour West will go thru Oklahoma, Colorado and Nevada. The California dates are booked and the only difficult bit to book is the trip East from Seatle. I'm optimistic it will all fall into place. It always does.

"That's all Folks", until there is something more to tell you about, I'll sign off.

By For Now,

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