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Book Reports

Jul 28

Long Waited Update

Sorry for the long wait for an update.........I did write a while ago but it got erased somehow! Had fantastic gigs up the West coast.

Had a great reunion with old pal Mary Mc Caslin, she is such a dear old friend ....we go way back to the fabulous 70's, when she was married to Jim Ringer. We certainly had some times back in those days, playing festivals and hanging out from Boston to San Berdoo....Mary was the MC for my Felton show and her husband did sound. What a beautiful part of the world.

Next was the surprise at Luganatis Brewery! Expecting a bunch of Beer Distributors, and that's what it was.....They loved the show and were as enthusiastic as any audience I ever had. Nancy stayed at the motel arranged by our gracious host and had a nice "stretch out" and a relaxing evening. She surely deserved a night off. I look forward to a return engagement next year.

Then off to Shoenberg's Guitar Shop which was again a sold out in advance show. So good to see old Pals, Eric & Debbie. Wine and cheeze was served and you couldn't have squeezed another soul in the little shop. What fun. After the gig, we made it back to Petaluma where we bedded down for the night.

We cut across the redwood forests to Mendocino the next day stopping to have our pictures taken by the Big tree with the road thru it....we of course didn't fit, so we drove around. Had a nice picnic there. The weather was really hot! When we hit the coast, things cooled down and we were glad of it.

Thus began the incredible journey up the Pacific Highway. Every turn brought into view the Pacific and it was breathtaking. We stopped at many ocean vistas and had coffees and took pictures. Eventually we will put some up on the sight...Crossing into Oregon the road levelled out some and we kept plowing North. We camped in Coos Bay at an Indian Casino on the ocean, had a nice meal, played some penny slots and slept like babies. Also made stops in Newport and Lincoln City.

With Nancy's 'road trip' coming to an end, we slowed down to 'smell the roses' and they sure smelled sweet. We really had a nice week driving and camping up the coast and we will always treasure the memories.

We made our way to the Portland airport and spent our last night together sleeping at the airport.....Nancy flew off early in the morning and I immediately felt very alone. I am going to miss her for sure. A Travelin' Man couldn't have a better wife and travelling companion. How will I ever know when to "turn left here!"

Bye For Now

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