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Book Reports

Mar 06

March 6, 2006

Chasin the Devil's Music, written by my pal Gayle Dean Wardlow has just been inducted into the BLUES HALL OF FAME! The Blues Foundation in Memphis Tn. has recognized Wardlow's book as being one of the most important book written in this field. All of Gayle Deans fans and friends, could not be more pleased! I recommend this book to everyone who has an interest in the Delta Blues. His findings and insights are fascinating and enlightening. And, Gayle Dean has a new book in the works!

Spring training is underway, did my first show of the year last Saturday at Fogartyville in Bradenton FL. I was told by 'the boss', I am the only act who sells the joint out before the publicity is sent out! Boy Howdy, did we have fun! The Suncoast Blues Society was well represented and I thank them for their support. I really enjoyed myself, playing my maple Nick Lucas Gibson and my my maple Kay Kraft guitars. I'll be honest with you, my finger tips still hurt a little! Looking forward to the Suwannee Springfest which will be my next gig, later this month.

The cross country tour is shaping up good. Looks like we might do our first Canadian tour, heading East from Port Townsand Washington. Thanks to Weenie Cambell for getting involved. Do visit The Country Blues website, it's very cool.

Paul Geremia is in Florida at this time, and we look forward to catching up with him. It's always a treat to hear "The King" of acoustic blues playing, singing and writing. Check him out! We've been pals for almost 40 years!

Time to get "the bus" ready for the Spring. Appointments made for 6 new tires, a tune up, brake job and some tweaking here and there. With 106,000 miles on her, we are looking forward to another 'round the country' tour to get started. Now I just have to decide which guitars will go on the big tour.

That's it for now, I will try to keep you up to date on what's happening...

By For Now,

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