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Book Reports

May 25

May 25, 2005

Looks like Spring will never get to the North East! Cool rainy days up this way. Using up all my propaine in 'the bus' keeping warm at night. But it is good to be on the road again. Visiting my Mom for a week. Nancy will fly up tomorrow for the Summer tour. She finished up her first teaching job and was quite pleased with how it went. But school starts up August 1st in Florida so we will have to make the best of the time we have. Next term she will have only K-1 Special Ed kids.

The Trenton Gig with Woody Mann and Cephus & Wiggens was lots of fun. Had a nice crowd, a beautiful venue and a great time with old friends. Woody and I havn't played together for 30 years. The Boy can pick!

Nice first gig at the Watercolor Cafe in Larchmont, NY too. We had a workshop with 4 pickers in the afternoon, a gourmet lunch and a great show in the evening. Great food up there, one of the best meals I ever had! Check out their Tuesday Night Concert series...

We will be heading out next week for points West on one of the busiest Summer tours of my career. The new cd is doing well. I am still sending out radio and review copies so if your local station needs a copy, do send their address and contact person and we will take care of it.

It has been great to see old friends and fans at the gigs, almost like a family reunion at times. What a life! Thanks to all of you for making it posible!

See ya'll at the show....

By For Now,

The Book