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Book Reports

Dec 05

My Big Fat Tour of 2008

My Big Fat Tour of 2008 is winding down! Virginia Beach tonight and Savannah on Sunday! Down to 22 degrees last night in Salisbury MD!

Nice visit with Preston Poe (the film maker) and his wife Jennifer. Big ART show at Salisbury University, The Poe's senior students did well winning "best of" prizes at annual event. Very impressive, new media art stuff and design projects as well as more traditional stuff. Enjoyed a 'cultural evening' and as stop off at local watering hole with Artsy students and the Poe's to celebrate their successes.

Looking forward to the drive South. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel was just a vision back in the 60's when I was a sailor stationed in Norfolk. We never thought that it could be built! The drive across is always amazing!

Lots of old friends down in Tidewater and it's still a treat to do a show down that way. I actually moved to Norfolk for a few months before starting my new 'motorhome' life back in '75.

I will be heading South right after the show tonight, have to make tracks as it is over 500 miles to Savannah and Norfolk is about 70 miles off I-95. Not looking forward to the long hard trip, but it's my life. "Who booked this tour?" That's what I always say when it's a tougher drive than I would like it to be....

Should be home in St. Pete by Monday night or Tuesday and pretty glad of it! I am so looking forward to The Winter Season at home with Nancy and our other life.

Enjoy the Holidays and stay warm, until next time...

Bye For Now