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Book Reports

Nov 27

November 27, 2007

Last gigs for the year completed! Great shows, nice crowds, and pretty good weather. This year was my best yet! Had a real good time and played some pretty hot shows, if I must say so myself.

Loved the new Cleveland gig. The Winchester, will do it again maybe in the Spring. Buffalo Folk society once again did a great job, scared up a good sized audience and a "large time" was had by all. Had my biggest crowd at the Rosendale Cafe ever and a sold out house at Caffe Lena, loved it. Lena's spirit is still in that room, thanks to all the volunteers for keeping the Cafe going. Played my 45th gig there!!

If you ever get up around Lake George, NY, make sure you go to SAPIENZA'S PIZZERIA & RESTAURANT in Warrensburg! Anthony cooks authentic Italian food and Pizza, bakes his own bread, imports his tomatoes and such from Italy and is one serious chef! He and Erin also bring in occasional musical guests including me! He's got plans for having Jorma in '08...They catered food for Bob Weir's Rat Dog gig nearby and I hear that Bob was 'blown away'...I visited for 3 days and 3 fabulous dinners before my Saratoga Springs gig.

Thanksgiving with Family was good, Nancy flew up for the week and we had a ball. Mom came to the Turning Point show and said I was never better...she had a front row seat and it was cool. I introduced her and then asked the audience, "How'd you like to have your Son, after 3 years in the Navy and one year in college tell you that he's going on the road with a blind preacher?".....Brother Mike brought 'The Mom'. Brother Paul, 'The First Fan', came with his wife and two boys and friends. It was real nice.

And then the cold weather came....only a few nights in the 20's, but we were low on propaine, had a water leak and a generator that wouldn't start. Thank goodness the batteries were charged enough to keep the furnace blower going and the propaine held out until a Saturday fill up. Not easy to find propaine or water or a place to dump the holding tanks once Winter sets in.

The last gig was Godfrey Daniels in Bethleham, PA. Been playing there for 32 years! Indian feast with Pals Peter and Deborah before the show, and the last gig of 2007 was excellent! We had another good size crowd there too.

Spent the night at The Comfort Suites in Bethleham and got Nancy to the airport in Philly the next day by noon...

Started South with a stop in Salisbury, Maryland. Got to visit with my Pals Preston and Jennifer. They just moved East from Colorado and Preston started teaching Film and Art at a university down there. Preston finally showed me the beginning of MY FILM...He has begun editing some of the many hours that he has of my adventures, friends and music. Looks like we may have a complete film available on PEG LEG sometime in 2008!

I am camped out in Henley,NC, at the Cummins-Onan Truck Shop tonight, waiting for a fuel pump to arrive for my generator. Should have that all together by tomorrow afternoon and then I can continue the journey home.

Thanks for a great year to all of you. If you want to see me in your home local festivals, clubs and folk societies...."Lets put on a show"

Bye For Now,

The Book