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Book Reports

Nov 06

November 6, 2005

Had a great visit back home. Nice to fly back to Florida this time of year. Florida weather is perfect. Nancy is fine and happy at work too! We had a fun 4 days, catching up, planning our Winter and taking care of stuff.

Managed to get my new drivers license, set up my social security, go to the dentist and even get my haircut. Nancy got my car in the shop before I got home and that was cool. The old '79 VW ragtop always needs something after it sits unused for 6 months. Fun to cruise around, top down and get all my chores done. Lookin' forward the my Winter at home.

Got a call from Phil Wiggins (of Cephus & Wiggins) and confirmed my Port Townsend Blues week gig for first week of August. Will be so cool to hang out with John & Phil and all the 'Blusers' there. The teaching week ends with The Port Townsend Blues & Heritage Festival. Paul Geremia did it last year and said it was a good time.

With that date firm, I will now begin booking the "cross country" Summer tour. Had an inquiry about playing a festival in Parma, Italy (land of parmagana)if that happens, it will mean a week in Italy in June...

First gig of the North East tour was The Minstrel Coffee House in Morristown, NJ. Had a packed house and a good time. Jersey audiences are always great with lots of old friends and fans, some going back to the early 1970's. A short drive North took me into the Catskill Mountains. The forests were alive with flaming colors as the Fall Foliage has just about peaked. Absolutely beautiful, 70 degrees and perfect. Nice show at Rosendale Cafe, if you've never been there it's worth checking out. Great vegetarian meals and a great bunch of people. Nice parking lot (with WI-FI) to 'camp out' overnight as well. I do love this country! Hoping the warm weather continues, I am now getting ready to head into New England for the last gigs of the tour. Look forward to seeing as many of you as I do.

By For Now,