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Book Reports

Oct 11

October 11, 2004

So sorry for the lack of "reports".....Busy times on the road, without Nancy makes my computer updates a nightmare! Mid-West tour was so long ago....Chicago was great, Cleveland was cool and Mt. Pleasant Michigan was a blast. Did Robert Barkley's JUKE JOINT radio show for 3 hours! Spinning discs and talking about the artists we played. It was a lot of fun and was heard throughout Michigan and on the World Wide Web as well. Hoping it well help secure some festivals up that way for next season. Also had a nice visit with Robert Lockwood he is unbelievable at 89......and he is booked for MERLEFEST 2005!

Next it was back to the XPLORER factory to get 'the bus' tweaked up for the next leg of the tour. After getting some good "tweaking", I stopped at Soaring Eagle Casino for some Texas Hold€em and a free place to sleep for 2 days.(that€s how we get€em) The Poker playing is not quite like the stuff we see on TV, but it is fun...

Had a few good sessions at THE FUR PEACE RANCH this Fall as well. The Rev. Gary Davis weekend was excellent with Ernie Hawkins and Jorma Kaukonen. It was a sell out crowd and I got to meet a bunch of cool cats who all shared the love of The Rev.'s music. Also enjoyed the GUITAR SUMMIT with Pat Donohue, Ed Gerhardt and Robert Jones. Robert is a fine player and a minister in Detroit. Very cool to hear an actual Man of God, sing and play Rev. Davis' music, which he did with conviction! Pat had a very cool parody of WOULD YOU LIKE TO SWING ON A STAR. (So, You'd Like to Play the Guitar) Very funny......and some snazzy pickin' as well. Hadn't seen or heard Ed for years and that was a pleasure too! Sad I will not be back at THE RANCH until next Fall....

Started South after The Ranch sessions. The Americana Crossroads radio show in Morehead Ky. was a well attended gig and included the talented singer songwriter Darden Smith who I hadn't seen or heard since he was a kid opening for me in Houston, Texas 15 years ago! The next day was the Cave Run Storytelling Festival, also in Morehead Kentucky! Good booking there...Heard some great stories and got to visit with some old friends. Charlie Chin was brilliant. I remember him from the old "Village Folk Scene" when he was a banjo playing folkie. His Chinese based stories brought down the house (tent). My Midnight Cabaret was well attended and I really enjoyed myself. The Fest took place at The Cave Run State Park which was beautiful. The lake is known for its Musky fishing. I hope to return to Morehead to do some fishing someday. The Musky is the largest of the Pickerel family of fish and grows up to 55 inches long! These fish are at the top of the food chain and will even eat small ducks!

Down to Tennessee for my regular stops in Maryville and Johnson City and a first look at the color changes in the mountains....This was my 42nd gig at The Down Home! Good times as usual. Stopped off at THE NATIONAL STORYTELLING FESTIVAL in Jonesborough for a look and a listen. Great stories by my favorites, Donald Davis and Catharine Windham and a surprise set by old pal Bryan Bowers at his first storytelling festival appearance. Looking forward to my residency at The Storytelling Center next week.

That brings us pretty much up to date! Nancy meets me in Charlotte NC tonight for our first visit since the Summer. She has been so busy student teaching, writing papers, running PEG LEG and dealing with hurricanes that she has not been able to get away. I don't know what I would do without her! I will be home for the Winter before long and we both look forward to our time together.

Recently got Dave Van Ronk's new cd. It was recorded at his last concert and is brilliant. It is so cool to hear him banter between songs about the "folk scare" of the 60's and about all his influences and pals. His playing and singing has never been better! New tunes, old tunes and re worked arrangements of some of his early 'hits' are breathtaking! I remember calling him up from a truck stop in Alabama one time after hearing his then new cd and telling him that the disc had reaffirmed why I do what I do...and that he was no doubt still the greatest interpreter and arranger alive. We chatted for a while and he said, "thanks for making my day". I answered, "thanks for making my life possible!". God, I miss Dave....

By For Now,

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