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Book Reports

Oct 09

October 9, 2009

I'm back! Not that I really ever left you....The road has been very good to me and I am thankful to all of you that have come to the shows...I am truly blessed.

After a few weeks home, I flew back to Cincinatti, visited with friends and headed West. First stop was Lawrence, KS. Had a nice gig, met great folks, played lots of vintage guitars and made some new friends. Does it get better then that?

Oklahoma City was next. The Blue Door is a great old club. Great to see Greg & the gang there and I got turned on to a kid, born in Woody Guthrie's home town who just might become a star. Check out songwriter, John Fulbright. I took my time heading South, played some Texas Hold'm on the Texas Oklahoma border and did pretty good, nice campground and good eats too.

Plenty of hot weather as I got down South towards Houston, just when I thought Summer was over! The show at Anderson Fair was great fun. I hadn't played there for over 15 years! Back in the old days, I remembered when Lyle Lovett opened up for me there! Bob Claypool used to write for the Houston Post back in the 80's and wrote about me so often that it was almost embarassing! He passed away many years ago, what a great guy he was...

On to Baton Rouge...I last played there when I was on tour with Bonnie Raitt in the late 80's. The Red Dragon was a great gig, although the club was surrounded with a chain link fence with razor wire on the top! We all parked inside the fence, the joint was packed and we had a ball. Remember,"you can't judge a book, by lookin' at it's cover".

On to Mobile Alabama, the land of 'Buba Gump Shrimp'. Shot some videos for a new company that will eventually offer them on I-Tunes. That was a very cool experience. My pals down there have been very succesful with high definition scientific films and are moving into the music game. I'll keep you posted on this project.

Visited with my friend Gayle Dean Wardlow, "The Blues Detective", in Pensacola, Florida and that was a good time. Wardlow has written such books as CHASIN THE DEVILS MUSIC, and the book on SKIP JAMES. He's always been a collector of blues 78's and we had a great time spinning old records on the victrola.

Good times and shows followed in Auburn, AL, Huntsville AL, and Franklyn, TN. And at last I was in Nashville, hanging out with my old pals, photographer of the stars, Alan Messer and my old 'sidekick', Fats Kaplin and his wife Kristy Rose.

Fats and I toured together from 1973-1976 and recorded two albums for Blue Goose Records. We played some tunes together for the first time in over 25 years and that was very cool....Maybe someday we'll again get in the studio and cut some sides...

On my Birthday, I got to stop in at THE NATIONAL STORYTELLING FESTIVAL, In Jonesborough TN, just to hear a few stories and see some folks before my 48th appearance at The Down Home in Johnson City, TN. I had a ball in Jonesborough, but lost my voice Saturday morning and had a real tuff time doing the show that it goes....

My favoritest little gig in the Carolinas is THE COOK SHACK, in Union Grove and it was great to return to see Pal and Miles who own the joint and my buddies Gail & Tom, who organize the shows. My voice was a little better thank goodness and the packed house was very forgiving!

Got to visit with my "vintage guitar buds" around Lexington and that is always a blast. Amazing how we can play and talk about these guitars hour after hour, day after day and year after year....Lynn and Bob are great pals and I'm lucky to know them!

I picked up Nancy in Raliegh last night and we are camped out by a lake, enjoying the view and watching leaves fall from the trees. The colors are not yet very dramatic, but Summer is over.

That's the blow by blow of what's been going on with me...hope I didn't overdo this Book Report.

Bye For Now

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