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Book Reports

May 05

On the Road now for 2 Weeks!

Been on the road now for 2 weeks! All well so far. Merlefest was better than ever! Good weather, crowds and of course music. "The Greatest Acoustic Blues Show On Earth" continued it's tradition of presenting the best of the rest!

Ruthie Foster was the big draw and had thousands of people at the Austin Stage on Saturday afternoon. What an incredible performer! I was feeling sorry for the act that had to follow her when I realized it was me! The Book held a good part of the crowd and debuted his new OUTDOOR GUITAR(see links page) which amazed the crowd as it was put together and played in tune in less then 5 seconds. And it has a big sound for a small parlor sized travel guitar as well!

The Rev. Robert Jones along with his wife, Sister Bernice again was a big hit. Robert really did The Rev.Gary Davis proud with his fiery renditions of some of his tunes. Spencer Bohren, Happy Traum, Mitch Greenhill and of course Paul Geremia all contributed in making for a memorable day of Blues at Merlefest.

John Hammond was the closing act of The Greatest Acoustic Blues Show On Earth. The crowds reaction to his powerful performance proved that he is no doubt at the height of his powers! For 40 years John has been burning down stages around the world. I do believe that Hammond has inspired and influenced more up and coming 'Bluesmen' then the masters he studied so long ago.

Nancy and Maureen flew up from St.Pete for the Festival, had a great time and flew home on Sunday night. Monday I started North, driving thru Tennessee, Kentucky and into Indiana. What a great drive it was, thru the mountains and forests watching Spring take hold as Winter faded away.

Last night, I told the audience that I never dreamt I would end up in May of 2007, at The Old Bag Factory in Goshen Indiana! The Factory was built in 1896 as the Cosmo Buttermilk Soap Company and was renovated in 1910 to become The Chase Bag Factory producing burlap and like types of bags until 1982. In 1984 it was spruced up to house artists and shops and more recently LVD's Concert Hall.

Had a great night there in Goshen, very enthusiastic bunch of folks and I couldn't have been happier. Like I told them, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else in the world that night. I am a very lucky man for sure.

Well the adventure continues...I'll let you know what's happening after it happens....

Bye For Now,

'The Book'