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Book Reports

Jan 16

January Report

Dear Friends and Fans,

It's hard to believe that it was 12 years ago I got my first computer and Nancy taught me how to use the thing! That's when when we got the website started and began "The Book Report". I apologize for not writing more often, but I'm sure you know how it is.. I have been down here in St. Pete since early December and have been enjoying spending time with Nancy in "the new house". We went on tour 4 weeks after we moved in back in March. 2011 was a great year on the road despite the "Great Recession" and all that, entailed. Lots of memorable shows, miles and visits with friends and family made the 7 month "tour" another one that I will never forget!

 I am now sitting at my desk in the mists of trying to book a UK tour for late June and July. My dearest old friend Robert Tilling passed away a year ago this month at his home in The Jersey Channel Islands off the coast of France. On July 6 & 7 Nancy and I will be there, celebrating his life as The Art Center will be presenting a retrospective show feauring his world famous paintings as well as the music that he loved. Me and my old pal Woody Mann (who was also very close with Robert & Thelma) will be performing in concert each evening as well.

 It was 44 years ago that Robert wrote a letter to Rev. Gary Davis and Mother Davis asked to write down a few words that she would recite. On the back of the letter, I introduced myself. What a blessing that turned out to be! Who could have ever imagined that the Tilling the Davis, and the Book Binder families would become like one! The Lord does work in mysterious ways.

 Florida this time of year is fantastic. We are enjoying a very mild Winter so far. I have taken on a few guitar students and for the first time, I am giving lessons in my home, enjoying the enthusiasm of those who come to learn my old time style of playing "the blues". By the way, I could squeeze in a few more students if anyone is interested.

Booking up the season, is keeping me busy on the phone and internet some, every day. The tour will kick off with MERLEFEST's 25th Anniversary at the end of April and then take me up into the North East for May and June. It now looks like we might do another cross country trip when we return from overseas.

 I will be teaching guitar at THE ASHOKEN FIDDLE & DANCE Camp, July 31st-August 2nd (near Woodstock NY) and at Jorma Kaukonen's FUR PEACE RANCH Sept 28-30.(Pomeroy OH). Interested pickers should sign up as soon as possible as these camps do fill up early!

Well folks, that's it for today...Y'all stay warm now....

Bye For Now