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Book Reports

Sep 19

September 19, 2010

Super time in Oslo! Weather was good, enjoyed the sights the gigs and staying with Pals, Ellen, Billy T and Alex was fantastic! Great Swiss coffee maker at their home, we're getting one as soon as we get home! The week could not have been better and we look forward to our dear friends coming to visit us in Florida!

The flight to London was uneventful, just the way we like it. My "OUTDOOR GUITAR" was a pleasure to travel with, no hassles taking "Shorty" on board and the guitar of course was a hit at every gig. No one could believe that a guitar that came apart, could sound so good!

From Gatwick Airport, we took the train to Crawley for our first UK gig at THE HAWTH. They had us stay at the Holiday Inn Express, where we were quite comfortable. Our host Tony Malloy, carted us around town and took care of all our needs and we were quite happy about that. The gig was good, nice crowd, some old friends and a good time.

Next was a night in London with our dear friends Chris and Richard who fetched us at the train station and made us feel like we were home again! Off to Cardif the next morning for a gig on Barry Island, we again took the train which got us there in 2 hours. The trains are pricey here in the UK, but very convenient. Thanks to Anthony & Family for making the event possible and for their hospitality.

Back to London for a gig at BROOKS BLUES BAR. The show took place in a beautiful country pub, just South of London and it was the best yet! Old musician friends Michael Messer, Dave Peabody, Hugh Mc Nulty and Simon Prager showed up and that was just great. I felt like I was on "This is Your Life"! I first met some of those guys 40 years ago!

Tony & Ann who hosted the show are wonderful people and everyone was very enthusiastic about my first London show in about 10 years. Wonderful meal and my first RED BREAST, Irish whiskey...very nice.

Back to "base camp", we relaxed and got ready for our next adventure in Stevington which is a tiny village of 600 just 40 minutes North of London, we were picked up by our promoter and host, John Duffield, who told us that I was a local legend in his area! Seems he heard a teenage neighbor playing my music when he was just a boy and was told that he had to get Roy Book Binder's records if he ever wanted to play in that style!

John went on to tell us how back in the early 80's, he worked with kids who were into the Punk Rock scene and that he had them all singing my songs on all their bus trips around the UK!

The gig, a benefit for Cancer was sold out and was just amazing. I cannot remember a show where I had the audience laughing so hard that I had to stop and remind them that I was a serious musician! They of course went wild right from the start when I assembled "Shorty" on the stage and to their amazement it was in tune to boot! Thanks to John D and Family, we had a wonderful time!

That about gets you up to date. Nancy and I are having a great time, but it will be good to get home to the comfort of THE BUS and to familiar surroundings.

Bye For Now,

The Book & Mrs. Book