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Book Reports

Sep 26

September 26, 2005

Just finished up another great session at the FUR PEACE RANCH. A great group of Guys & Gals. Ann Rabson taught piano, so cool to hang out with her again and Bob Margolin taught a Blues History Class. First time I got to spend time with Bob. He was right there with Muddy Waters for so many years. Interesting fellow and a great player. After all, he had a heck of a good teacher!

My Gibson Advanced Jumbo found a new home with a good player down in Texas. Still Have 1946 00021 for sale.

Headed to Cleveland for a few gigs and a visit with friends. Nancy will meet me there Friday for the weekend. She is doing well and happy with her 'flock' of kindergarten and first grade kids. We are both already looking forward to the Winter when we will be together for 4 months.

Will be in the Mid West for the next month or so with gigs in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. The cooler weather sure is nice. I do look forward to wearing a sweater again.

Recent review on the new cd in BLUES REVUE this month. They liked it...Sing Out magazine will review it and publish my song 'Another Man Done a Full Go Round' in the Dec. issue. The cd is getting some airplay and selling complaints.

Will write again soon as things should start hoppin' again soon. Y'all take care..

By For Now,

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