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Book Reports

Apr 18

Spring Has Sprung

Hard to believe, but Spring has sprung, the bus is loaded up, tuned up and I'm ready to hit the road. Will be heading out for MERLEFEST Tuesday! Nancy, her sister Maureen and Brother Ed and his wife Lenda from Arizona will all be meeting me there Thursday night. Should be a large time for all, hope to see some of you up that way.

We have a great tour booked up for this season. Plenty of old gigs, new gigs and who know what will fill in the blanks once we get under way.

I am looking to fill some dates in late August and early September and a few more in mid October. If anyone wants to put on a "House Concert" or "Workshop", look over my schedule on the website and see if I'll be close to where you are at. Contact me and we'll see if we can work it out.

We got the new VIDEO page up on the website which is pretty cool. Now I have to figure out how to put some sample guitar lessons up. I think I can only get what is on YOU TUBE and transfer it to my site. So much to learn about this digital world. I love it and I hate it.

Last weekend I was down in Miami Beach for The Newport Miami Guitar Show. That was a very cool show. About 40 or so luthiers were displaying their guitars and there were some vintage dealers there to. Timm Kummer must have had twenty pre war Nationals there!

This was the first guitar show that I had ever attended that had non stop acoustic mini concerts all day long. About twenty pickers were hired to demonstrate the builders instruments. Among the pickers were, Woody Mann, Mary Flower, Paul Asbel, Buster B. Jones and myself. I only demonstrated Lukas Brunner's Outdoor Guitar.

"Fly without fear", that's my motto when I travel with the Brunner OD Guitar. Like I told the audience, it's a very versatile instrument, as you can see, I am now playing it indoors.

Luke had brought a few new models with detachable necks. He had a baritone, a standard scale length and the tiny original, all which assemble in seconds in tune! Nice new gig bag/knapsacks for all the larger instruments.

Well I'm getting ready to turn in for the night so I will have to say good-bye for now.

See You on the road,

'The Book'