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Book Reports

Mar 07

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has Sprung in ol' St.Pete...very nice...for driving around in my '74 Beetle convertible....long story, but I now have 2 Yellow Bug convertibles. The '79 is for sale...nice running car, good top and seats, some rust but looks cool from a few feet away....Good top and upholstery, good driver.... $4500.

Wait till you see my new travel comes apart and goes together in about 10 seconds without loosening the strings! It is just about in tune when re assembled...a miracle for sure...flying without fear...of course it doesn't sound like one of my vintage Gibsons, but it plays and sounds better then any small guitar. I will be touring overseas with it this year...Use my name and Lukas Brunner will take care of you. You pick the woods etc.

Had a great time in Bradenton with Paul Geremia at Fogertyville, we had a 2 day split show. He opened Friday and I on Saturday. Nice sold out house, we had a ball. Like a 1960's coffee house gig, I love that place. Paul was as brilliant as ever and in excellent spirits. He will be doing a short tour of Florida and finishes up at The Suwanee Spring-fest where Jorma and I are also on the bill.

The 2007 tour has shaped up good, and it's so hard to believe that in 7 weeks, 'The Bus' will be loaded up for it's sixth season and I will be 'on the road again'. She's got 130,000 miles on her but I have no concerns...though I will trade her in if I find a low milage version of the same motorhome.

Spoke with Robert Lockwood's wife today, she's doing good. There are a few tributes being planned for Robert's Birthday in late March, in Cleveland. Too bad I won't be there until sometime in May. I really do miss talking to RL. I used to call him every few weeks and really enjoyed those visits on the phone.

Been listening to XM Radio a lot. What a great Christmas present from Miss Nancy. The Blues show and the Alt. Country show get most of my time. Great to hear people I would have never heard before. Lots of pleasant surprises for sure.

Well, 'Thats all Folks' until next time...

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