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Book Reports

Mar 04

Spring is in the Air

Wow, Winter is almost over and Spring is in the air. Down here in Florida anyway... All well, " My Big Fat Tour of 2005" is really shaping up well. Thanks to those who pointed me in the direction of gigs and workshops on the trip West. You can make a difference! Set up a show or a workshop and we will try to fit it into the tour!

George Harris, my studio engineer has been sick with the flu for weeks, but at last he is back in the studio and we hope to put the finishing touches on the new cd Monday. If all goes well we are planning on "LIVE, at the Fur Peace Ranch" to be available by MERLEFEST! 'fingers crossed'.

The gig at Fogartyville in Bradenton last week was a sell out and we had a large time down there with all our pals. I love that venue! After the gig, we 'camped out' on The Skyway Bridge fishing pier for the night. It's so cool to wake up and see the pelicans gliding past the windows of 'the bus' and having the first coffees in the middle of Tampa Bay... On the Sunday, we met friends for a 'tailgate party' at the Sarrasota Polo club. First polo match for me, too bad the ball is so small, but we had fun in the sun for sure!

This week I will do a set at the Orlando Folk Festival and at the end of the month I will be at my my favorite, The Suwannee Springfest. 'Spring Training' almost over, and I am looking forward to MERLEFEST and the start of another season out on the road. Nancy's first year teaching winds up towards the end of May and she will be joining me for most of the Summer tour. Life on the road is always better when 'The Wife' is 'on board'.

Have a 1939 Recording King for sale, that was pictured on the cover of Singer, Songwriter, Bluesman CD and a 1991 Gibson Advanced Jumbo that was featured in my first Homespun Video! Contact me if you are interested in these instruments.

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