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Book Reports

Feb 09

Spring will Arrive Eventually

Sounds like a rough Winter up North these last few weeks....hang in there, Spring will arrive! Eventually...All well down here in Sunny Florida, a few cool nights, but we manage.

Had a ball at The Guitar Show. Got to visit with guitar friends from all over the country. Didn't buy anything! Didn't really see anything that knocked me out. Did sell my 00021 1946 Martin to a cool new friend who loved it. It's sometimes like placing a child you can't care for ....Still have the 1966 Epiphone (made by Gibson) 12 string, it's up in Pittsburgh at a music store. If anyone is interested, contact me.

First "Spring Training Gigs" coming up, tomorrow in Lakeland and next Friday in Tarpon Springs. Lookin' forward to them both. The 2007 tour is shaping up pretty well. Still looking to replace 'the bus' with a low milage version of the same model. Nice one in St. Louis but 63,000 miles is higher then I want.

Got 3 musician pals coming down this Winter. Patrick Sweany, Paul Geremia and Robert Carlin are all old friends and I will be glad to have the company. Pat will be at the Fur Peace Ranch with me agian in May. I highly reccomend a session with him. if you cam make it to The Ranch.

Been playing in some small 'Texas Hold'm' tournaments at 'The Dog Track', every Wedneday and missed making the final table by one the other day...I'm determined to win one before I head North!

Keep an eye on my schedule and feel free to let me know if there is a possible gig that can fill a day enroute.

Bye For Now,