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Book Reports

Nov 18

Summer is Definitely Over!

Summer is definitely over! I am camped out in Eastern Connecticut, trying to stay warm and figure out all the ways to keep the new bus from freezing up on these cold nights. So far so good...The weather was great for the past few weeks when I was working in Pennsylvania and even in NY when I was visiting family but now it has finally turned cold. I only have another 12 days before I start South for the Winter!

Great gigs so far up here in the North. The Woods Hole Folk Society was especially cool, they have been putting on music for 37 years! I first played there over thirty years ago and I have always enjoyed working for Clyde and his cohorts.

Another highlight was the POCONOTES, show. I was 'put up' in The Lackawanna Radisson, in Scranton for 2 nights. The hotel was built as a railroad station 100 years ago! The granite was from the same place as the Empire State Building used. A very special building for sure. Scranton is known as The Electric City...apparently they had the first electric trolleys way back then.

Nancy will meet me in Providence this Sunday and we will spend some time with my Mom before the Thanksgiving Party at my brothers. Mom don't cook anymore, she's retired as she says!

So my friends, next time you hear from me, I will be lounging around 'the cottage', down in sunny Florida. Stay warm and I'll see you in the Spring.

Bye For Now.

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